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There comes a time in life when you say to yourself, “Enough of the stress. I’m tired of the grind. Fed up with commute. It’s time to enjoy getting up in the morning knowing the day holds intellectual stimulation, healthful activity, lunch with friends, and yes, more fun.” In short, a fresh take on life. 

The CTR 101 List

101 College Towns that you'll want to know.  In-depth profiles, statistics and information about college towns across all 50 states.

Live Well

Re-discover your creative spirit.  Be part of a vibrant economy.  Learn about exercise, affordable housing, healthcare and transportation options. 

Take Courses

Find the learning experience right for you.   Explore course offerings. Customize your program to match your timing and time frame.

Getting Started

Ready to get cracking?  Come and visit and check out your options.  We can help you build a plan, get connected and get started.
Think of being a freshman in college again but with all the wisdom of a tenured professor. You’re no longer tethered to your past but can benefit from it, pursuing an encore career, finding new purpose through community engagement, and taking courses that expand your interests, deepen your knowledge, and teach you new skills. And just as you once excitedly sat down to look through piles of printed viewbooks to think hard about what college you wanted to attend, where you wanted to live, and who you wanted to become, you can do that again. After all, you’ve done the hard part—you’ve worked for decades, earned a living, supported a family, reared children, and helped put them through school. Now it’s your turn to learn.
The good news is that you can do that without the stress of tests and papers to write. You won’t be pulling all-nighters but enjoying evenings at the theater on campus, the cinema downtown, or the local jazz club. This isn’t dreamland: It’s how you can live if you choose to call a college town home, whether that’s for a short time or for the rest of your life.