Belong to a Community

So how can I turn this dream of college town retirement into reality?


Let College Town Concierge Show You the Way

Through College Town Concierge, you’ll learn about and visit the places that best fit your criteria: location, size, weather, amenities, neighborhoods, transportation, professional career options, health care, and opportunities for learning.
We encourage you to explore all your options, starting with your studies of places that match your interests and lifestyle.

Do Your Homework

You wouldn’t go on a vacation without first deciding on a destination that fits your idea of a great place to relax, explore, and learn new things. That goes double for deciding on a college town as your place to retire.
Our profiles are designed to provide you with the town’s sense of place, its arts and culture, restaurants, shopping, sports activities and teams, facilities for staying fit and healthy, neighborhoods and living arrangements, and organizations and opportunities to link you to the community and feel you belong.
Read, review, and compare them. Read our blog, reach out to others for their opinions and experiences, and contact us with your questions or information requests. We’re always here to help.

Plan College Town Visits

College Town Concierge will help you plan your visits, including travel, short- or long-term stays, tours of campuses and neighborhoods and more.

Choose Your College Town

When you choose a college town, College Town Concierge will provide you with introductions to the town’s relocation services, well-respected real estate firms, financial institutions, and representatives of education programs. Our goal is to help ensure your college town transition is a smooth and happy one.

Stay in Touch

As you make new friends and stay in touch with those you’ve known forever, we invite you to stay in touch with College Town Retirement. We want to hear and learn from you, and we hope you’ll share your experiences with others through our blog, reviews, and recommendations. And, if you’d like to join us, we invite you to connect with us about opportunities as a College Town Retirement blogger or College Town Concierge host.